Hydrolysis of Chromium Tanned Leather Waste: Turning Waste into Valuable Materials

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s. Scopel
C. Baldasso
A. Dettmer
r. Santana


Among the reuse and/or disposal possibilities for chromiumtanned leather waste (CTLW), one in particular stands out:hydrolysis. This process not only allows chromium recovery, butalso the extraction of its protein, as collagen hydrolysate or asgelatin. CTLW hydrolysis has been performed for decades.However, industrial application of this important alternative hasnot been widespread. Thus, this review presents how CTLWalkaline hydrolysis has been evolving over the years; how theprocess can be adjusted to increase protein extraction yield andto produce better quality products. Finally, it reviews in whichareas its products have already been tested. Here, researchersmay find practical process information that might allow them tofocus on the most important current issue for CTLW hydrolysis:how to upgrade this process to an industrial scale.

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