Determination of Soluble Hexavalent Chromium in Dyed Consumer Goods Improvised by a Simple On-line Color Removal

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R. Ganeshjeevan
S. Suresh
C. Muralidharan
S. Raja
A. Mandal


Hexavalent chromium detection in consumer articles is a statutory requirement and screening it in dyes and dyed leather is a challenge. Although many new improvised procedures were put forward, the lack of simplicity and automation leaves the void. The present study addresses these issues and offers a procedure that is closer to automated approach leading to finding that without the requirement of any special device the regular liquid chromatographic instrument can support a quick, simple and efficient method for hexavalent chromium detection in strongly colored leathers. The method was found to be effective in the removal of wide range of dyes and serving the detection of hexavalent chromium in ppb levels with %RSD of max. 3.5.

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