Ionic Liquid Functionalised Nanoparticles Based Tanning System as a Less Chrome Tanning Approach

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Chandrasekar Inbasekar
Nishter Nishad Fathima


Nanoparticles due to their size and high reactivity towards collagen provide potential applications in the tanning process. The current study aims to investigate the potential of ionic liquid functionalized cerium oxide nanoparticles as a combination tanning agent with minimum utilization of the chromium. The experimental results indicate that the presence of nanoparticles increases the thermal stability from 62°C to 92°C. The physical strength and organoleptic characteristics of the nanoparticles-BCS tanned leather are on par with conventional chrome tanned leather. Antibacterial studies reveal that the leather tanned with nanoparticles shows improved antibacterial activity. Thus, nanoparticle based tanning system invokes a considerable array of interest as an alternative tanning process with minimal and efficient usage of chromium.

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