Approaches Towards Tannery Modernization and Up-Gradation: Leather Industry 4.0 Multi-Disciplinary Approach


Venkatasubramanian Sivakumar


Analysis of various approaches for tannery modernization and up-gradation as leather industry 4.0 need to be analyzed keeping in view of significant advancements made in different disciplines of relevance to leather sector. Holistic views and plans for cleaner image with better environmental aspects are essential for the sustainable growth of the leather sector. in this paper, various plans and strategies for the next phase of tannery modernization denoted as TAN MOD 4.0 have been presented with the main objectives of near zero discharge of chemicals, waste minimization, value addition, productivity enhancement and safe & healthy environment in tannery. Different components such as basic up-gradation concepts, modern leather processing techniques and engineering inputs for leather sector such as process control systems, necessary automation tools and Internet of Things (IoT) are discussed.