Chemically Modified Castor Oil for Softening of Leather– A Novel Approach


Bindia Sahu
M. Sathish
G. C. Jayakumar


Fatliquoring is an important step of post tanning process of leather
manufacturing where incorporation of self-emulsified oil (lubricant)
makes the leather soft. There are several methods which introduce
polarity into oil and provide the path where reactive species of
modified oil can interact with water which leads to form a fatliquor.
The aim of this work is to introduce an extra polarity into the fatty
acid moiety through chemical modification of castor oil by carbene
intermediate. The spectroscopic characterisation such as FTIR,
1H-NMR and 13C-NMR of fatliquor have been carried out. Particle size analysis of fatliquor has also been done. The experimental leathers have been tested for physical strength characterisation such as tensile and tear strength verses control and found to have better properties than control. SEM analysis for morphological study of experimental leather were also carried out which clearly indicates the uniform dispersion of fiber bundles due to the fine distribution of the novel and self-emulsifying fatliquor throughout the matrix.