Preparation and Properties of Thermally Expandable Microspheres for Foam Coating

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Guodong Huang
Zhixian Lin
Haojun Fan
Jun Xiang
Chong Zheng
Zhiqing Luo


A type of thermally expandable microspheres (TEMs) for foam coating was prepared by suspension polymerization with acrylonitrile (AN), methyl methacrylate (MMA), vinyl acetate (VAC) as shell polymer monomers and i-pentane as core foaming agent. The effects of an aqueous additive (Sodium Chloride, NaCl) on the size and distribution of TEMs, and the effects of crosslinking degree, i-pentane dosage and monomer mass ratio on the expansion property, expansion temperature and solvent-resistance of TEMs were investigated. The results showed that when the dosage of NaCl was close to the saturation solubility (30%), the dosage of crosslinking agent and alkane were about 0.09% and 7.4%, and the mass ratio of AN/MMA/VAC w rm distribution and good solvent resistance, the expansion diameter ratio was 5 times under 110~120 C, which meets the application requirements for foam coating of leather or synthetic leather.

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