Research on Sheepskin Contour Extraction Method Based on Computer Vision Measurement Technology

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Hu Lianhua
Xiang Chengyi
Zhang Feng


Manual trimming of sheepskin is intensive labor, and the working environment is full of rotten smells. The tannery is facing increasingly severe recruitment difficulties. This paper uses computer vision technology to study automatic recognition of sheepskin contours, which is the basis for the subsequent automatic trimming of sheepskin. After observing and analyzing the raw sheepskin images collected by an industrial array camera, a method of sheepskin contour extraction based on computer vision measurement technology is proposed in this paper. This method uses the fast Otsu threshold algorithm based on the pixel set to perform binary image segmentation. Combined with morphological processing for edge defect filling and topology analysis of boundary contour tracking algorithm to extract maximum contour information, it has a pixel-level three-dimensional de-noising preprocessing function and can accurately extract the sheepskin contour in the raw sheepskin image. The experimental results show that using the fast Otsu threshold algorithm proposed in this paper for binary segmentation to extract sheepskin contours, the detection rate is nearly 160% faster than the traditional Otsu algorithm, the edge protection is better, the error segmentation is reduced by nearly 3% and it has good anti-noise performance. It can meet the industrial production requirements of subsequent automatic cutting of sheepskin.

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