Research on the Production of Parchment from Turkey Skin and its Decorative Use

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Eser Eke Bayramoğlu


In this study, parchment was made of waste turkey skin and some tests were done. These tests were: Determination of thickness (TS 4117 EN ISO 2589), Determination of tensile strength and elongation (TS EN ISO 3376), Determination of tear load - Part 2: (Double edge tear) (TS 4118-2 EN ISO 3377-2), Leather - of distension and strength of grain (TS 4137 EN ISO 3379), Color fastness to water spotting (TS EN ISO 15700). Due to the low strength properties of turkey skin, a different usage area was tried to be created by making a decorative flower design. In this research, it has been tried to show how a waste material can be transformed into a product with a very high added value.

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