Impact on Potassium Persulfate on Linseed Oil Tanning

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Bindia Sahu
Gladstone Chistopher Jayakumar
B. Madhan
B. Madhan


The tanned collagen is the stabilized form of skin. Tanning collagen with oil is a particular class of tanning known as chamois tanning. Chemically the oil tanning involves autoxidation of unsaturation present in the oil. This study focuses on potassium persulfate as a catalyst to accelerate the oxidation rate of unsaturated bonds in the linseed oil with an increase in water absorption capacity (586%) of oil-tanned leather. Results indicate eccentrically reduction in the duration of the chamois process from 15 to 2 days. Shrinkage temperature, tensile strength and other organoleptic properties of experimental leathers are better than the control leathers.

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