Improved Method for Accurate and Efficient Analysis of Chlorophenols in Leather Compared with Conventional Steam Distillation Operation Specified by ISO 1707:2015

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Ze-Sheng WANG
He-Wei MA


An improved analytical method was built based on the conventional standard method ISO 17070-2015 for the determination of 19 chlorophenols in leather. This developed method involved ultrasonic assisted extraction using methanol containing formic acid, derivatization using acetic anhydride, solid-phase extraction (SPE) cleanup with silica-gel cartridge. Final analysis of the chlorophenols compounds was performed by Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). Optimum conditions for sample extraction, such as time, temperature and formic acid content in methanol were studied. Satisfactory recoveries in the range of 92-105% (RSD, 2.1-7.3%) for the targets were obtained, and detection limits were in the range of 0.09-0.15 mg/kg. The developed procedure was evaluated and compared with ISO 17070-2015 which uses steam distillation for sample extraction. The method was successfully applied to determine 19 chlorophenols in series of leather samples from different origin. This study demonstrated that the ultrasonic assisted extraction, followed by acetyl derivatization and silica-gel cleanup coupled with GC-MS, can be used as an alternative to ISO 17070-2015, for detecting chlorophenols in leather.

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