Nonionic Short Fluorocarbon Chain Surfactants for Improving Application Properties of Acrylic Resin in the Retanning of Wet-blue Leather

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Rong Zhou
Yong Jin
Shuangquan Lai
Liangjie Shi
Yutang Zhou
Zhangyi Peng


Acrylic resin (AR) is one of the most commonly used leather retanning agents owing to its excellent selective filling property and low cost. However, there are some defects affecting the quality of wet-blue leather in the practical application of AR, such as “excessive convergence”, “detanning”, and “fading”. Herein, the nonionic short fluorocarbon chain surfactants (F6-m) combined with AR for retanning wet-blue goat leather to further improve the application properties of AR. In a series of comparative experiments, the grain surface state and mechanical properties of leather retanned with 4 wt% AR and 2wt% F6-400 are preferred. Moreover, after dyeing, the dye adsorption rate and a* (red-greenness) value of AR/F6-400 retanned leather are higher than that of leather retanned with AR alone. The above issues reveal that F6-400 can improve application properties of AR in the retanning of wet-blue leather to a certain extent, benefiting to further upgrade the quality of leather.

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