Studies on the Correlation between Surface and Sewability Properties of Crust Leather

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C. Niklesh
G.C. Jayakumar
Aaron K. Phebe


The surface properties of leather are critical factors that influence the aesthetic quality of the leather. Commonly, organoleptic properties are evaluated for leathers to ascertain the bulk properties such as compactness, smoothness, softness and general grain appearance. Though these parameters are very subjective, still these properties are essential for leather product manufacture. In the current research, we discuss the correlation between the surface parameters and sewability of the leathers. In our earlier studies, we discussed the influence of syntans and fatliquors on sewability. In aligning to a similar subject, the impact of surface properties has been evaluated through contact angle measurements and correlated with the sewability properties of the leather. From the spread ability measurements, it can be inferred that the sewability properties are better towards the surface of the leather, which is more hydrophilic. This result agrees that the fatliquoringof leathers has enhanced the stitch ability; moreover, the studies provide biophysical parameter importance for qualifying leather sewability.

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