Reduction of Cr (VI) Formation in Leather with Herbal Extracts

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Roza Mirzamuratova
Eser Eke Bayramoğlu
Gulzinat Yeldiyar


This study investigates the effects of extracts from natural products such as oak bark, and onion peel, on the formation of Hexavalent Chromium (chromium (VI)) or (Cr (VI)) in leather during the finishing process. To enable chromium (VI) formation, finished leather samples were aged under various conditions, including exposure to UV light. The amount of chromium (VI) in each leather sample was measured using a PC UV-Visible spectrophotometer at 540 nm based on the ISO/FDIS 17075 standard method. The results showed that extracts from Quercus cortex, and Allium cepa significantly reduced chromium (VI) formation in the leather under all aging conditions.

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