Application of Ultrasound in Eco-friendly Fatliquoring of Leather

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Md. Abu Sayid Mia
Mohammad Nurnabi
Md. Zahangir Alam


This article describes the effect of ultrasound on fatliquoring of leather. Preparations of fatliquor-emulsions as well as fatliquoring of leathers were carried out in presence of ultrasound. Ultrasound aids in reducing the size of fatliquor emulsion and increasing fat content of leather. It was found that the particle size of fatliquor emulsion was reduced by more than 22% and fat contents of leather were increased up to 40% due to using ultrasound. Moreover, smooth penetration and uniform distribution of fat in the processed leathers were observed. Physical properties of both ultrasoundassisted fatliquored leather and conventionally fatliquored leather were also studied in detail. Tensile strength, stitch tearing strength, tongue tearing strength, grain crack load, ball bursting load, Bauman tear strength, color fastness and perspiration of ultrasound assisted fatliquored leather were better compared to that of without ultrasound. 

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