The Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase is an event where students from across the University share their scholarly work in the form of poster and podium presentations. At this multidisciplinary event, students are instructed and coached to develop presentations for multidisciplinary audiences. 

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021): 2021: Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase Proceedings

The 2021 Showcase was held virtually due to on-going social distancing restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The event featured Pre-Recorded Presentations with opportunity for certificate award; a Capstone Competition with opportunity for monetary award; Faculty/Staff Awards for Excellence in Research Mentoring; and the opportunity to publish items in this Proceedings.

Items Published in this Proceedings

Artifacts from one-hundred-sixty-four (164) projects are published in the 2021 Showcase Proceedings. In addition to Project titles and abstracts, many students submitted posters, essays, links to video presentations and more. Because of the large number of submissions, the projects are separated into 8 categories:

  • Social (In)Justice
  • New Frontiers
  • Health and Well-Being
  • COVID-19 Impacts and Innovations
  • Design Matters
  • Teaching and Learning
  • The Natural World
  • Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals

Because several projects address topics that fit into more than one category, the search bar is provided to help locate specific projects.

Notes regarding the Capstone Competition, Pre-recorded Presentations, and Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring are located at the bottom of the page.


Published: 2021-09-07

Cardiovascular Health Disparities in the African American Community: Implementation of Educational Programs

Hanna Dolle, Blaine Blaine, Matt Kuhar, Taylor Phelps, Amanda Agullar, Danielle Reynolds, Rosalind Moore; Othman Mohammad Othman

The Effectiveness of Reentry Programs

Lindsay Thomas; Gary Dick

Characterizing Blast Waveforms for Traumatic Brain Injury

Mei-Ling Liber, Evan Reeder; Matthew Robson

MicroRNA-Mediated Modulation of Electrographic Activity in a Cntnap2 Mouse Model of Epilepsy

Rishav Mukherjee, Andrew Snider, Meghna Kilaparthi, Christina Gross; Durgesh Tiwari

Genetic Variation in Drug Transporter explains Side Effects in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Rishi Mehta, Zachary Taylor, Michael Rosen, Lisa Martin, Laura Ramsey; Laura Ramsey

UV-Triggered Photodynamic Behavior of Azidostilbenes

Margaret Milbrandt; Anna Gudmundsdottir

Validating Biomarkers for Use in Predicting Abiraterone Resistance in Prostate Cancer

Chloe Boehmer, Dan Song, Pheruza Tarapore; David Smithrud

Sensor Generation with Python

Cullen McComb; Pietro Strobbia

Assessing the Accuracy of Various Fitness Trackers during Different Physical Activities

Trusha Patel, Laurel Lammrish, Sydney Hess, Ethan Eiselt, Aminderpal Singh, Danielle Goodman, Sophia Hamilton, Morgan King, Pujan Patel, Sydney Smith, Abigail Johnston, Jade Larkins, Jenna Lustenburger, Ryan Webb, Tristan Behling, Lauren Buse; Susan Kotowski

The Impact Violence Has on Children

Paije Willis; Anjanette Wells

The Pressure is Off: Improving Assessment Skills of Pressure Injuries

Chloe Schwartz , Romie Suer , Jenna Wamack, Grace Combs; Jeanine Goodin

Assessing Sex Differences in Threat Responding to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Relevant Challenges in Mice

Allison Wilson, Rebecca Ahlbrand, Yuv Sachdeva, Patrick Woller, James Wiggins, Renu Sah; Renu Sah

Effectiveness of High Intensity Functional "Snacks" Training

Anne Smith, Alexis Coutino Castillo, Kyle Stimler; Daniel Carl

Comparison of the OMNI and Borg Perceived Exertion Scales During Performance of the Chester Step Test

Kellie McCauley, Emily Heinzelman , William Hennessy ; Susan Kotowski

Exploring the Relationship Between Core Strength and Postural Control: A Pilot Study

Zach Belmont, Kevin Messerly, Darius Montero; Rachel Gleason

Trauma Affecting Children's Development

Brittany Turner; Anjanette Wells

Getting to the Park : Identifying Disparities in Greenspace Access​

Noah Bruce, Noah Rihm, Abigail Stidham, Noel Ologo, Carla Wilson; Robert Hyland

Understanding and Dissecting Common Mental Health Biases and Their Effect on Patient Outcomes

Ellie Kuhlman, Haley Duening , Paige Gilliland, Kelly Byrne, Alexandra Unger, Rachel Seibert , Paul Lewis; Erin Barker

Effects of Caregiving

Adelyn Smith; Gary Dick

Do Park Characteristics Correlate with User Physical Fitness? An Assessment in the City of Cincinnati

Grace Burgner, Lindsay Thornton, Hailie Norvell, Emma Meyer, Dublyn Litke, Riley Gruenbaum, Katelyn Dickson, Amarah Chaudhry, Aaron Carrol; Susan Kotowski

Urban Stream Ecology in the Greater Cincinnati Area: Water Quality and Nutrient Levels

Eme Cameron, Sophia Clemen, Sean Gallagher, Anna Salem, Jordan Nold, Ariana Berrios; Kenneth Petren

The Importance of Macro Invertebrate Identification and Analysis in Urban Stream Ecology

Isabella Leisgang, Ciara Patterson, Elias Aidun ; Ken Petren

Educational Permaculture Garden: Design and Manual for Soil Health in Urban Areas

Rachel Warm-Deutsch, Justin Sikkema, Leslie Hacker, Sofia DiFrancesco, Sydney Mcmillan, Logan Pastura; Teri Jacobs

Impact of Female Humidity Choice on Egg Viability in the American Dog Tick, Dermacentor variabilis

Hannah Mahoney, Kennan Owen, Melissa Kelly, Joshua Benoit; Joshua Benoit

Evaluating the Relationship Between Camera Trap Intensity and Aerial Surveys to Measure White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Populations

Rhalena Seballos, Noah Bruce, Lillian Braun, Jacob Lawrence , Hannah Lynam, Brittany Powers-Luhn, Stephen F. Matter; Stephen Matter

Evaluating the Differences in Intensity of White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Populations in Managed and Unmanaged Parks

Noah Bruce, Stephen F. Matter, Evan Bold, Lillian Braun, Hannah Lynam, Rhalena Seballos, Jordan Gerda, Brittany Powers-Luhn, Jacob Lawrence ; Stephen Matter

Field Experiment Testing Biochar's Effect on Plant Growth and Yields in Temperate Urban Soils

Ashley Eagle, Olivia Marsh , David Dixon, Gabriel Ealy, Sarah Lewis; Teri Jacobs

Mosquito Fish Ethinylestradiol and Testosterone Exposure Experiment

Ariana Berrios, Eduardo Pocasangre, Latonya Jackson; Latonya Jackson

Evaluating the Impacts of White-tail Deer Management Strategies on Spring Ephemerals in Cincinnati Parks

Lillian Braun, Hannah Lynam, Jordan Gerda, Noah Bruce, Rhalena Seballos, Jacob Lawrence , Evan Bold, Stephen F. Matter; Stephen Matter

The Importance of Macroinvertebrate Identification and Analysis in Urban Stream Ecology

Ciara Patterson, Isabella Leisgang, Elias Aidun; Kenneth Petren

Evaluating the Effects of Exclosures on Spring Ephemerals in Cincinnati Parks

Jordan Gerda, Stephen F. Matter, Jacob Lawrence , Rhalena Seballos, Noah Bruce, Brittany Powers-Luhn, Lillian Braun, Hannah Lynam, Evan Bold; Stephen Matter

Behavioral and Molecular Assessment of Sleep-like States in Mosquitoes

Justin Marlman, Lucas A. Gleitz, Oluwaseun M. Ajay, Clément Vinauger, Joshua B. Benoit; Joshua Benoit

Education on Ginger and Peppermint as Interventions for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Registered Nurses

Rosanna Bartlett, Lillian Restle, Sarah Keller, Elizabeth Carl , Kaylee Clemens ; Paul Lewis

Education for Nurses on Preterm Birth Among Black Women

Madison Balsinger, Madison Sloman, Katelyn Fenik, Kirsten Hausmann, Megan Nielander, Heather Engle; Lori Trammel

Myth-busting the Baby Blues

Amanda Evans, Olivia Hazel, Madison Duhl, Alexis Matala, Madison Lentz, Olivia Hazel, Paul Lewis; Mazie Kastner

Improving Nurses Knowledge During the Discharge of a Patient with Antibiotics

Nicholas nan, Chad O'Connor, Paige Krajicek, Thomas Schraivogel; Paul Lewis

Educating Undergraduate Nursing Students on the Consequences of Shift Work

Musa Atallah, Miracle Vandevener, Journey Bond, Candace Sharp; Mohammad Othman

Educating Traditional Nursing Students on Safe Sleep Practices: Teaching Students How to Teach Parents

Reilly Daniels, Grace Mansuetto, Emily Kemper, Elise Ash, Julia Dawson, Sierra Gostomsky; Paul Lewis

Improving Care Strategies for Substance Abuse in Pregnant Women

Alyssa Amato, Lindsey Rich, Anna Hamilton, Paige Bennett, Nicholas VanSant, Paul Lewis; Angel Cook

Do Nursing Students REALLY Know Pain Management?

Ashley Kreusch, Madeline Okuley, Chandler Blum, Erin Kaiser, Kristen Beuggeman, Hong Jun Jo; Angela Clark

Improving Willingness to Vaccinate Among Parents

Matthew Shook , Mitch Johnson , Nicholas Siegert, Christabel Pieters, Grace Wells, Ryan Benson; Mohammad Othman

Warriors for Moms

Miranda Borden, Alyssa Eckman, Elizabeth Zerhusen, Jasmine Gibson; Donna Green

Methods for Easing the Transition From Student to Nurse

Hailey Young, Kyle Macgowan, Zachary Militello, Allison Colburn, Sabrina Bernardo, Paul Lewis; Jean Heiskell

Improving Undergraduate Nursing Student Knowledge on Early Recognition of Pediatric Sepsis

Hope Whiteside, Molly Bunnell, Jenna Wright, Erica Evans, Anna Carson, Rebecca Wilson; Tamara Brockman

Improving Nursing Burnout via Education and Prevention

Chase Zearbaugh, Allison Mcgarr, Sergio Palafox; Deborah Schwytzer

Improving Nurse Knowledge on the Non-Pharmacological Treatments of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Kyaia Bacon, Sarah Adams, Brittany Wall, Chloe Salzarulo, Dana Collopy , Paul Lewis; Donna Green

Increasing NICU Nurses' Knowledge on Early-Start Breastfeeding at the Bedside

Emily Yursky, Kennedy Wracher, Lydia Powell , Sierra Stepp, Kamryn Buckman, Ashley Huddleson; Mohammad Othman

Beyond the Blues

Natalie Obert, Kaitlyn Snow, Kendall Sabatelli, Dana Buttree; Mohammad Othman

Identifying Coping Mechanisms to Reduce Burnout

Emily Booth, Anna Scully , Megan Johnson, Lauren Turschak, Kaylie Hooker, Bailey Huffman, Kayley Evans; Mohammad Othman

Improving Pediatric Registered Nurses Knowledge on Coping Skills and Available Resources Surrounding the Loss of a Patient

Corinne Schuermann, Bailey Baker , Hailey Fox , Angela Vega, Hannah Willeke, Ally Douglas; Jeanine Goodin

Navigating Online Curriculum in Nursing School During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Derek Herman, Mason Wright , Lauren Ruehrwein, Lily Canterbury, Stephanie Sturm, Sydney Cotton, Mohammed Othman; Lori Catalano

Treatment of Substance Use Disorders without Judgement

Ebba Ribbing, Mackenzie Robinette, Tina Rozman, Melanie Soller, Phoebe Goodale, Sarra Polisini; Mohammad Othman

Coping Mechanisms for Stress and Anxiety in Undergraduate Nursing Students

Samantha Erny, Zoe McIntosh, Molly Pierce, Andrew Boys, Ryan Denoma, Anna Koniecyznski; Paul Lewis

Addressing Burnout in Emergency Room Nursing

Alyssa Wiedemann, Samantha Drago; Paul Lewis

Listen Up Ladies: A Quick Guide to Intimate Partner Violence, Your Risks as a Victim and a Perpetrator 

Kathleen Slaven, Arielle Keller, Becka Hornbeck, Teresa Kinder, Kayla Nort; Paul Lewis

Improvement of Preeclampsia Outcomes through Effective Management and Treatment

Brooke O'Toole , Abbie Mahlman , Kaylie Harris , Mariah Cornett, Becky Davis; Paul Lewis

Transitioning from Student to RN

Emma Sopko, Camryn Hill, Megan Sanders , Erin Cronan, Rachel Hatcher; Lori Catalano
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Notes Regarding the 2021 Capstone Competition

Thirteen (13) students representing 8 majors participated in this live, online event on Friday, April 16, 2021 from 11 am – 12 pm (AM Session ) and 1 pm – 2 pm (PM Session). Presenters were instructed to communicate their capstone purpose, process, and outcome in just 3 minutes, using just one static slide. A panel of judges evaluated presentations in both sessions and selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.


  • Prof. Lauren Tate, Assistant Prof., Art History, DAAP (Captain, AM & PM)
  • Dr. Littisha A. Bates, Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Community Partnerships and Associate Prof., Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences (AM)
  • Dr. Mohamed Elwakil, Assistant Prof., Computer Science, UC Blue Ash (AM)
  • Dr. Steve Matter, Associate Prof., Biology, College of Arts and Sciences (AM)
  • Mr. Rickey Terrell, Program Manager of Innovations and Community Partnerships, College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (AM & PM)
  • Dr. Rita Kumar, Executive Director, Faculty Enrichment Center (AM & PM)
  • Dr. Jane Strasser, Senior Associate Vice President for Research, U. Cincinnati (PM)
  • Dr. Julio Landero, Assistant Prof., Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences (PM)
  • Dr. Jack Kues, Associate Dean for Research Evaluation, College of Medicine (PM)

First Place Winners

  • Joyce Ghali, Biochemistry: Advances in Analytical Techniques: Measuring Glucose Uptake in Mammalian Cells Using Atomic Mass Spectrometry
  • Easton Phillips, History: The Troubled Memory of the Underground Railroad: Mythmaking and Propaganda within the History We Teach

Second Place Winners

  • Chloe Boehmer, Biological Sciences: Validating Biomarkers for Use in Predicting Abiraterone Resistance in Prostate Cancer
  • Anna Sensel, History: The Antislavery Crusade: The Question of Slavery within a Presbyterian Church in the 1830s-1840s.

Third Place Winners

  • Oluwadamilola “Dami” Omojola, Medical Sciences: Experimental Drug Reduces Pediatric Brain Cancer Growth in Tissue Culture
  • Lily Stewart, History: The Legacy of Christian R. Holmes: A New Hospital, Medical Education, and Ethical Implications in Cincinnati

Notes Regarding Pre-Recorded Presentations

Three-hundred-twenty-six (326) students representing 26 majors presented 188 videos. Ninety-five (95) students presented as individuals; 93 students presented in groups of 2 or 3. Two-hundred (205) faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students participated as reviewers. Reviewer scores and feedback from faculty, staff, and graduate students resulted in 47 presentations qualifying for an Excellence in Research Communication award.

Notes Regarding Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring

Each year, students have the opportunity to nominate their project advisor for an award when they register to present at the Showcase. Awardees are selected based on the quality and quantity of nominations, with no more than one person from the same department awarded in a single year. This year, 57 nominations were submitted, and the following 8 project advisors were awarded:

  • Dr. Valerie Anderson, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
  • Dr. Lisa Beckelhimer, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mr. Ronald Canterbury, Associate Academic Director and Professional Ornithologist in Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Helen Jones, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Surgery, College of Medicine
  • Dr. Heidi Kloos, Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Andrew Lewis, Associate Professor of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Matthew Robson, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Anjanette Wells, Assistant Professor of Social Work, College of Allied Health Sciences

Congratulations to all of the presenters, advisors, and award winners for their scholarly accomplishments!