The Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase is an event where students from across the University share their scholarly work in the form of poster and podium presentations. At this multidisciplinary event, students are instructed and coached to develop presentations for multidisciplinary audiences. 

Vol. 5 (2023): Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase Proceedings

The Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase is an annual event where students from across the University present original research and scholarly projects in the form of poster, podium, and virtual presentations. It is also a celebratory event, where many students are recognized for Excellence in Research Communication and many project advisors are recognized for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentorship.

This year, 465 students from 25 majors presented 309 projects in the form of:

  • 72 pre-recorded video presentations
  • 24 in-person podium presentations
  • 206 in-person poster presentations
  • 7  virtual Capstone Competition presentations

Artifacts from 130 of these presentations can be found in the Proceedings, 33 of which were awarded for Excellence in Research Communication.

Items Published in this Proceedings

In addition to project titles and abstracts, submissions include posters, essays, links to video presentations and more. Presentations are organized into the categories listed below.

Because several projects address topics that fit into more than one category, the search bar is provided to help locate specific projects.   

  • Community & Cultural Connections
  • Digital Futures
  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • Educational Interventions
  • Electrical, Chemical, & Cellular Worlds
  • Exploring the Beyond
  • Grief & Mental Health
  • Health & Body
  • Homelessness & Housing Insecurity
  • Innovation & Access
  • Medical Frontiers
  • Medical Innovations
  • Mental Health & Human Behavior
  • Mitigating & Curing Cancer
  • Mobility & Organization
  • Race, Reproduction, Global Culture, & Diversity
  • Sensing, Perception, & Sensory Technology
  • Society and (In)Justice
  • Social Services, Healthcare, & Education
  • The Impact of the Foster Care System
  • The Natural World
  • Trauma, Abuse, Substance Use, & Carceral Systems
  • Who We Are, What We Create, What We Leave Behind
  • You, Me, & Our Experiences



Published: 2023-10-12

Automatic Acoustic Workflow for Speech: Testing Usability in a Research Lab

Paige Pasadyn, Grace Miller; Carrie Rountrey (Advisor)

Ear to Ear

Hamilton County Head Start Hearing Screenings​

Taylor McCreary; Katherine Russel (Advisor)

Preventing Nurse Injuries Related to Direct Patient Care

Shannon Cavanaugh, Emily Rives, Lili Steller; Paul Lewis (Advisor)

A More Efficient Way of Managing Glycemic Control in Diabetic People

Susan Dorell, Kennedy Matejka, Mariah Brummer; Paul Lewis (Advisor)

The Solution to the Pain in Your Neck?

June Nguyen, Olivia Porter, Justin Cayabyab; Susan Kotowski (Advisor)

Increasing Medication Compliance in the Pediatric Population

Katherine Monday, Grace Carter, Kathryn Kleinhelter, Baylen Moore; Mohammad Othman (Advisor)

Literacy Implementation and Engagement in Elementary Aged Students

Annie Welage, Lauren Daily, Brooke Avance; Nancy Creaghead (Advisor)

Does self-assessment improve learning in children?

A Literature Review Spanning 2020 – 2023

Hannah Libby, Zach Streit, Komal Dhillion; Heidi Kloos (Advisor)

The Relationship between Reading Skills and Children's Autonomy in the Classroom

Sarah Richter, Chloe Woeste, Kurtis Keller, Samantha Hoffman, Heather Putman; Heidi Kloos (Advisor)

Technology and Math Learning

Contrasting Two Practice Apps Using Solution-based Research

Caleb Bagley, Josh Nelson, Leila Morgan; Heidi Kloos (Advisor)

Elective Induction vs. Spontaneous Labor

Allison Klimkowski, Alex Rupley, Amanda Bunse; Caroline Morrison (Advisor)

Pediatric Nurses' Knowledge of Procedural Distraction Techniques

Anna Miller, Kennedy Grime, Katrina Loxterkamp; Mohammad Othman (Advisor)

Preventing Falls Among Post-Surgery Patients

Melonie McDonel, Michelle Pham, Elaina Von Deylen; Mohammad Othman (Advisor)

Educating Nurses on the Benefits of Acupuncture for Pediatric Pain Control

Matthew Heckart, Ashley Gabhart, Abby Deitering; Caroline Morrison (Advisor)

The Importance of Annual Seizure Education for Practicing Pediatric Registered Nurses

Gabrielle Ross, Lucy Ross, Madelyn Pittman; Paul Lewis (Advisor)

Reducing Opiod Risk

Bridgette Turton, Taylor Hendershot, Olivia Hart; Paul Lewis (Advisor)

Impact of Mindfulness on Stress in Emergency Department Nurses

Cady Tageson, Sophia Sharpe, Kaeli Koop; Mohammad Othman (Advisor)

Educating Inpatient Nursing Staff on De-escalation Techniques to Reduce Seclusion and Restraints

Garrett Clifford, Paige Loveless, Haellee Keener; Paul Lewis (Advisor)

Health Promotion Education to Decrease Stress and Burnout in Emergency Room Nurses

Olivia Taskey, Olivia Porpora, Madison Young; Mohammad Othman (Advisor)

The Effects of Mindfulness Based Interventions on Burnout in Nurses

Jillian Allaben, Maggie Martin, Grace Morman; Caroline Morrison (Advisor)

Message Banking Journal for ALS Patients

Michelle Bruce, Cami Lenhart; Amanda Simmons (Advisor)

Twelve vs. Eight Hours

Shift Length Effect on Nursing

Madalyn Cherry, Lakyn Cefalu, Stacey Keating; Paul Lewis (Advisor)

Impact of Patient-Specific Alarm Customization of Alarm Fatigue

Breckyn O'Shea, Cameron Peluso, Kyle Quallen, Greg Lagosz, Sara Van De Sandt, Abby Stedman; Mohammad Othman (Advisor)

Promoting Positive Recovery in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Through a Stimulatory Environment

Lauren Spangler, Rachel Gessler, Anna Schultz; Faud Alhorani (Advisor)

Archeaen Paleontology as an Analog for Possible Martian Life

Abby George, Andrew Czaja; Andrea Corpolongo (Advisor)

Benchtop Spectroscopy for Water Contaminate Analysis

Elania Truhart (Advisor); Pietro Strobbia

Exposure to Nature and its Effects on Cognitive Performance

Lindsey Lyons; Annette Stowasser (Advisor)

Resilient Communities

Partnership Development and Experiential Learning

Olivia Sawchuk, Max Montag, Alexandra Mills, April Gable, Logan Moore

Resilient Communities Marketing and Promotion

Samuel Pond, Eric Richmond; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

The Oral Health Project

Kylie Schmidt, London Brinkman, Daniel Ginn, Jack Werner, Emmett Galla, Wenjing Wei; Michael Sharp (Advisor)

The Effect of Foster Care Programs

Molly Kurtz; Anjanette Wells (Advisor)
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