Alcohol-Related Health Literacy in College Students With Type One Diabetes

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Emily Jacox Carolyn Smith


By Emily Jacox, BSN

Advisor: Carolyn Smith

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Abstract: Abstract: Background: Alcohol consumption can come with risks for anyone. Alcohol consumption is linked to accidental deaths and injuries, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and sexual assaults, as well as its potentially detrimental effects on health, especially when consumed in excess. For those with type one diabetes alcohol can have a major impact on glycemic control and can lead to dangerous hypoglycemia that may overlooked or confused as intoxication. Alcohol consumption is often a large part of the college/university culture with 58% of college students 18-22 reporting consuming alcohol in the past year. These college students may include those living with type one diabetes. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive design survey was created to assess alcohol use, behaviors, and alcohol related health literacy of college students with type one diabetes. The survey was distributed to members of College Diabetes Network through their various platforms and chapter leaders were encouraged to share the survey among their members. Results will be analyzed to find trends in knowledge and behaviors. Once these have been analyzed they will be discussed and recommendations will be made.

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