Nutrition for Postpartum Mothers struggling with addiction.

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Anna Kessler Erin Ford Tracy Boyd


By Anna Kessler, Nursing; Erin Ford, Nursing

Advisor: Tracy Boyd

Presentation ID: AM_A59

Abstract: Mental illness in mothers and pregnant women is associated with a high level of food insecurity, related to depression, anxiety and drug abuse. It is known that food insecurity and lack of nutrition knowledge in the United States has a direct correlation to birth defects in infants. The purpose of the presentation is to educate postpartum and expecting mothers in an addiction recovery support group about the importance of nutrition for their children and themselves. Included in this presentation is information about important nutrients to take in during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding along with healthy diet information for their children and tips for budgeting and saving money while grocery shopping. Additionally, a pamphlet was created with key points from the presentation and resources they will be able to utilize, and a pre-made simple, affordable recipe that they were able to taste during the presentation. A Pre- and post-educational intervention quiz assessed knowledge gained about a healthy diet. Education was received on our topic, results pending.

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