Relationship between Ectoparasite Resistance and Nutrition in Drosophila melanogaster.

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Olivia Phillips Michal Polak


By Olivia Phillips, Biology of Animals

Advisor: Michal Polak

Presentation ID: AM_ATRIUM13

Abstract: Resistance to ectoparasites is something that many species seek to develop over many generations. However, this resistance may affect the energy that is put into other body systems, such as reproduction. In this study, the relationship between Drosophila melanogaster and ectoparasitic mites is being used to determine if there is a correlation between resistance to the parasite and fecundity of the male flies. By altering the protein to carbohydrate ratio of the diet fed to the male flies, we are also able to determine if diet has a role in male fecundity and resistance. Although data collection has not been completed, preliminary looks at data have been promising. Future uses for this research could be within the realms of evolutionary biology and it could be used to help with the protection of endangered species.

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