Kelp Forests for Penguins in Captivity

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Isaac Busken-Jovanovich Madeleine Lyon David Orban


By Isaac Busken-Jovanovich, Industrial Design; Madeleine Lyon, graphic design

Advisor: David Orban

Presentation ID: AM_ATRIUM29

Abstract: Enrichment opportunities for animals in captivity are intended to promote cognitive and physical development for the animal as well as to enhance the Zoo visitor's comprehension of animal behavior. Our project was designed for the little penguins (Eudyptula minor). Our concept will enrich the environmental experience of the penguin exhibit by introducing a dynamic artificial kelp forest to the pool. Built in moveable modular structures, the shape of the forest can easily be changed by zoo keepers. The intent is to encourage the penguins to swim more in the pool by providing an interesting and novel space of textures which is tied to vegetation of their natural habitat.

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