Depression and Mental Health in a Nursing Home Setting

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Jessica Downs Gary Dick


By Jessica Downs, Social Work

Advisor: Gary Dick

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Abstract: In recent years, mental health has become just as important as physical health. However, the accessibility and quality of mental health to certain populations can be scrutinized for not being as effective for the need that is presented. For my research, I explored the prevalence of depression and overall mental health within a nursing facility. The assumption going into this study was that the elderly population can be overlooked in the expansion of mental health awareness. The study explores the results of PHQ-9 assessments that monitor depression, as well as the public's perception of nursing facilities whether they have experience in them directly or not. Using this information, as well as general observations of the residents, trends can be identified as to why their results might read the way they do. Overall, the study is a snapshot of how the quality of life in a nursing home is perceived as well as how it is experienced.

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