Developing a PHN Database to Increase Efficiency in Data Sharing and Compiling within Fontan Patients

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Ruthvik Abbu Danny Wu


By Ruthvik Abbu, Medical Sciences

Advisor: Danny Wu

Presentation ID: AM_B14

Abstract: When looking at the Fontan procedure, which is the final stage of surgery for single ventricle heart disease, over 1000 are performed per year in the United States. However, even with survival improvements, complication risk still prevails in patients. To mitigate this issue. A procedure called Fontan Fenestration has been proposed, which could reduce post-operative chest tube duration and hospital stay periods, but could risk desaturation and other systemic complications. To analyze the data, a platform for automatic data extraction from various databases must be created to allow for data sharing. Without this platform, it would be immensely difficult to compile statistics on patients, which would hinder deduction of results within the patients. The PHN database would consist of cardiac catheterization data from the IMPACT registry and surgical data from the STS which come from either the Lumedx or CardioAccess databases. Moreover, the platform would be capable of converting files to make data sharing and compiling more efficient. Currently, the use of the new PHN system is undergoing testing, but does show early signs of reliability and efficiency in terms of what its purpose is.

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