Importance of Infant Vaccination Education

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Anna Szczesny Jessica Conrad Tammy Brockman


By Anna Szczesny, Nursing; Jessica Conrad, Nursing

Advisor: Tammy Brockman

Presentation ID: AM_B17

Abstract: Abstract A factor that leads to noncompliance in infant vaccinations is a lack of parental education. It is important for expectant parents to understand the purpose of vaccinations and adherence to a schedule. The goal of this capstone project is to increase parental knowledge on the value of immunizations for their infants up to one year of age. The topic is introduced with a simple video educating parents on the fundamentals of vaccines. The objectives addressed are vaccine importance, potential biases, and the schedule of infant immunizations. In addition, a printed immunization schedule will be provided along with risks of noncompliance. At the end of the presentation, a post-test will be administered measuring the understanding of the information presented. The results of the post-test and lessons learned will be assessed in order to determine knowledge gained.

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