Usability Testing of an Interactive Surgical Dashboard in a Large Congenital Heart Disease Center

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Scott Vennemeyer Danny Wu


By Scott Vennemeyer, Medical Sciences

Advisor: Danny Wu

Presentation ID: AM_B19

Abstract: Use of electronic health records has increased our capacity to utilize the ever-growing sets of data captured in the clinical environment. Although these data sets have the potential to improve clinical decision making and care quality, they cannot be fully utilized without interactive data visualization and dashboards. It is also critical to evaluate the usability of data visualization and dashboards to ensure their effective design from the users' perspective. In this study, we conducted a formal, user-centered evaluation to validate the design of a new interactive surgical outcomes dashboard to demonstrate its effectiveness and to seek opportunities for improvement. Additionally, we identified the gaps between the dashboard designers' and users' mental models and analyzed how these gaps contribute to the observed usability issues. We will revise the dashboard based on these findings and develop an education plan to train the users prior to the launch of the new dashboard to achieve full utilization of the surgical data

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