Free Throw Mechanics Analysis with a Shooting Strap

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William Siemer Thomas Palmer


By William Siemer, Athletic Training

Advisor: Thomas Palmer

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Abstract: Free throws are an important aspect for a basketball player that is taught when they first begin playing. Two important factors affecting free throw accuracy include the angle of their non shooting elbow and the arc of the shot. This is where the shooting strap comes into effect. The shooting strap is designed to limit elbow extension of the non shooting arm during the shot. This allows the shooter to learn a proper one hand release thus improving shooting accuracy. The arc of the free throw affects the chances of the shot going in as opposed to bouncing out off the rim and out. The prime angle for a free throw is 45 degrees. The hypothesis is that use of the shooting strap over a period of 3 weeks will improve accuracy in free throw shooting for active basketball players ages 16-22.

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