The Effect of Yoga on Mental Health in Female College Students

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Brianna Carter Brianne Gray Rachel Gleason


By Brianna Carter, Health Sciences; Brianne Gray, Health Sciences

Advisor: Rachel Gleason

Presentation ID: AM_B37

Abstract: Anxiety and depression are growing mental health problems globally and it is estimated that depression will be the world's leading health problem by 2020. Evidence suggests the biological, psychological, and behavioural mechanisms present in yoga are all potentially helpful as a way to augment current depression treatment strategies. It is important to learn more about the potential effects of long term self care through the practice of yoga in the vulnerable population of college aged females. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of the addition of yoga to the exercise regime of college aged females on their overall mental health. Up to 40 females aged 18-22 will be studied. Participants will be asked to complete a preliminary screening to ensure they are willing and able to complete the study. Information on exercise routine and mental health will then be gathered from those chosen. One group of participants will attend a 45 minute yoga class twice a week over the course of six weeks, in addition to their regular workout routine. Another group of participants will continue their exercise routine as normal (without adding yoga). Participants will complete a supplementary questionnaire at the end of each week requiring them to share their perceptions of their mental health and detail any events of their week that may have impacted those perceptions.

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