The Importance of Repetition and Practice of Speech Sounds in Elementary School-Aged Children

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Mackenzie Keith Shannon Wiliamson Carney Sotto


By Mackenzie Keith, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Shannon Wiliamson, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Advisor: Carney Sotto

Presentation ID: AM_C05

Abstract: Repetition in speech is a powerful tool used to master a speech sound. Children are able to listen to the correct speech sound via auditory feedback, or from listening to the speech-language pathologist (SLP). The child is taught how to correctly produce the sound with help of visual and/or tactile cues. Assistance provided by the visual and tactile cues given by the SLP creates a model for the child to follow, enhancing their ability to repeat the correct speech sound. In addition, auditory feedback allows the child to hear what the correct speech target sounds like.

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