Developing An Evidence-Based Early Intervention Play Group

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Nicole Senkiw Grace Trogdon Lesley Raisor-Becker


By Nicole Senkiw, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Grace Trogdon, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Advisor: Lesley Raisor-Becker

Presentation ID: AM_C07

Abstract: Prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol can cause various challenges for caregivers as well as the children themselves. Infants and toddlers who have been exposed to harmful substances prenatally are at-risk for poor developmental outcomes (Behnklle & Smith, 2013). While early intervention is critical for the development of the child affected (Belcher et al., 2005), it can be difficult to implement consistent strategies that reach from educational settings to home. The purpose of this poster presentation is to discuss a caregiver intervention being developed to encourage speech, language and executive function development and foster attachment between caregivers and children. While this project is ongoing, the aim is to improve services provided to families who are parenting children who have been prenatally exposed to harmful substances.

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AM Poster Session -- Great Hall -- C: Teaching & Learning