Implementation of Inclusion and Pull-out Therapy Models in Secondary Education

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Savannah Hawley Megan Mulvaney Ryanne Grissom Carolyn Sotto


By Savannah Hawley, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Megan Mulvaney, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Ryanne Grissom, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Advisor: Carolyn Sotto

Presentation ID: AM_C18

Abstract: This project presents a review of speech-language therapy models at the junior high and high school level. The two models include: push-in therapy, where the speech-language pathologist goes into the classroom, and pull-out therapy, where students are pulled out of the classroom for speech therapy. Our presentation will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each therapy model. A combination of both models is generally found to be best for students receiving speech therapy services. Consideration of various factors will be discussed when embracing push-in and pull-out therapy models in the field of speech language pathology.

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