Essential Oil Treatment for Treatment of Chemotherapy Side Effects in Children

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Johanna Allison Rachel Pierson Brittany Geyer Tamara Brockman


By Johanna Allison, Nursing; Rachel Pierson, Nursing; Brittany Geyer, Nursing

Advisor: Tamara Brockman

Presentation ID: AM_C26

Abstract: Patients prescribed PRN antiemetics requested 50% fewer doses when receiving essential oil therapy for the management of side effects related to chemotherapy. The main side effects of chemotherapy include nausea, pain, fatigue, and anxiety, which leads to the administration of multiple PRN medications. The purpose of this presentation was to educate hematology/oncology nurses on the use of essential oils for the treatment of side effects due to chemotherapy. In addition to education, we included an informative poster and passed around samples of essential oils to in order to emphasize the importance of implementation. Prior to the conclusion of our presentation, each attendee received a badge card with a list of which essential oils are most beneficial for each side effect, that can be used for reference when caring for patients. Pre and post-educational intervention quizzes were used to assess the knowledge gained. Nurses were active participants throughout the presentation and verbalized excitement and willingness to implement the use of essential oils. Nurses report feeling more knowledgeable and confident in the education and implementation of essential oils for management of chemotherapy side effects.

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