Safety and Usage of Social Media

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Kelly Zimmer Danielle Ahlers Alana Poeppelman Lori Catalano


By Kelly Zimmer, Nursing; Danielle Ahlers, Nursing; Alana Poeppelman, Nursing

Advisor: Lori Catalano

Presentation ID: AM_C31

Abstract: How would you feel if you got kicked out of school because of a post on social media? The purpose of this educational project is to portray both appropriate and inappropriate ways to use social media, specifically in nursing school and in one's career. The project will include a education session using PowerPoint presented to sophomore students at the UC College of Nursing during Spring semester 2019. The session will include examples of circumstances where social media can be used in an unprofessional manner. This project will also include a review of specific policies from the University of Cincinnati that are in place to protect the students' nursing careers. An evaluation will be conducted using a post-test to determine if sophomore students gained knowledge in the overall usage of social media related to both their student and future careers. The post test will include real life scenarios to show how easy it is to post something that could get the student into trouble. Results of the evaluation and lessons learned from engaging in this project will be shared.

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