Salt addition effect on viscosity of sodium lauroyl sarcosinate-water system

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Christina Horton Trang Vu


By Christina Horton, Biology

Advisor: Trang Vu

Presentation ID: AM_D23

Abstract: Viscosity enhancement using salt addition is common in many surfactant blends, but this control mechanism is lost in many sulfate free formulas. For example, a blend of sodium cocoyl isethionate and cocamidopropyl betaine can be salt thickened, but adding an amino acid derived surfactant, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (SLSar), into this system removed the salt sensitivity and decreased the system's viscosity.Our objective is To study the effect of adding sodium chloride on viscosity of sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (SLSar) - water system and understand the mechanisms and structural changes that contribute to this difference in response between SLSar and common anionic surfactant.

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