Ag/AgCl-Carbon Nanotube Fiber as Pseudo-Reference Electrodes

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Angela Kile Noe Alvarez


By Angela Kile, Chemistry

Advisor: Noe Alvarez

Presentation ID: AM_D26

Abstract: A key component of an electrochemical cell is the reference electrode. When operating for long periods of time, most of the macro-sized, solution-based reference electrodes show lack of stability under different pressure and temperatures from ambient conditions. Ag/AgCl pseudo-reference electrodes are a good alternative solution. In sensor development, miniaturization and flexibility are often required. Focusing on nanometer sized Ag particles, Ag is electroplated onto carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers, then converted to Ag/AgCl. Characterization and optimization of the particle distribution and size helps to fabricate more stable micro-reference electrodes. These electrodes will be flexible and more suitable for electrochemical sensors. Performance comparison of the Ag/AgCl-CNT fiber and the commercial reference electrodes reveal multiple advantages of the micro-electrodes.

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