Optimizing Metal Mediated Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation in the Ball Mill

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Annamarie Murad James Mack


By Annamarie Murad, Chemistry

Advisor: James Mack

Presentation ID: AM_D29

Abstract: We report on optimizing the formation of carbon-carbon bonds via metal foil mediation without the use of a solvent. Sonogashira coupling was used as the baseline for this project. The Sonogashira coupling reaction is very important in the formation of various novel carbon-carbon bonds.�Although it is an important reaction in the field of chemistry, it uses expensive reagents such as palladium and hazardous solvents.�We investigated a solvent-free alternative using a recyclable form of palladium. Initially we observed low yields, however the incorporation of triphenyphosphine provided enhanced reactivity and allowed for higher conversions to our desired products.�

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