The Voices of People Living in Poverty

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Donielle Wallace Anjanette Wells


By Donielle Wallace, Social Work

Advisor: Anjanette Wells

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Abstract: While interning at an emergency assistance program it was evident that people who are living in poverty have many struggles. Most of the time these people do not qualify for government assistance and if they do qualify, it is only enough to help them maintain their situation; it is not enough to help them reach self-sufficiency. This research is going to demonstrate, through primary sources, what it is like to live in poverty. Many people in the public eye, who do not live in poverty, have assumptions about those who do live in poverty. This research is also going to get personal statements from people who live in poverty about what their experiences have been, what their emotions are towards their current situation, and what they want the public eye to know about them. Many outsiders do not know or understand someone's situation, but this research is an attempt to show the public what happens when you live in poverty in order to help them understand their situations instead of blaming them for being in those situations. This research aims to help people understand why having empathy for those living in poverty is important. This research also aims to motivate people to want to help those who are in need rather than to stigmatize and disrespect them.

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PM Poster Session -- Great Hall -- A: Social Justice & Social Well-Being