Why Truancy is such a big issue.

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Arriana Bedgood Gary Dick


By Arriana Bedgood, Social Work

Advisor: Gary Dick

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Abstract: When schools look at the numbers of how many students becomes truant, they are more likely will not have a success rate in life. What are the backgrounds of becoming truant? They are experiencing lack of home structure. Truancy is a serious problem that is affecting students being successful. The whole purpose of this study is to figure out and research a new positive way to reduce truancy not only in Ohio but across the board. With this study I would like to see a new approach to get the high rates of truancy in high schools. Since truancy is a much bigger issue, this also give an option to explore why truancy even exist. It would fill as many gaps that we question the society. What plan has been implemented in the past and why is it failing. This study will focus on every aspects of the issue. What are the different ways to express motivation of the student to get them to school each day, so they can thrive?

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