Post Partum Depression

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Hannah Davis Mackenzie Robinson Kelsey Ransick Richard Prior


By Hannah Davis, Nursing; Mackenzie Robinson, Nursing; Kelsey Ransick, Nursing

Advisor: Richard Prior

Presentation ID: PM_A12

Abstract: 50-80% of postpartum mothers experience postpartum blues within the first couple days following delivery and 13-20% experience postpartum depression (PPD) after birth. The purpose of the presentation was to educate expecting mothers about the signs and symptoms of PPD, coping skills and resources available. A Prezi presentation was created, including a video of a mom and her experience with PPD. A pamphlet was provided to expecting parents to take home that included the information presented. The survey results showed that expecting parents found the presentation to be educational, met their expectations and led them to have a better understanding of PPD. The expecting parents were interactive throughout the presentation and asked relevant questions to gain a further insight indicating they found the information important

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