Mental Health in Nursing Students

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Alicia Cristino Brianna Oehlstrom Joseph Perazzo


By Alicia Cristino, Nursing; Brianna Oehlstrom, Nursing

Advisor: Joseph Perazzo

Presentation ID: PM_A19

Abstract: Forty million Americans over the age of 18 years old are affected by anxiety. Due to the heavy workloads in undergraduate nursing curriculums, many nursing students struggle with anxiety and mental health problems throughout collegiate years. Mental health issues do not only affect personal well-being, but can also negatively impact academic and clinical performance. A presentation was created to provide education to college level nursing students, regarding mental health, ideas on how to manage high stress levels, as well as improve academic outcomes. Topics included mindfulness, meditation, biofeedback, and use of aromatherapy in order to achieve this goal. Objectives were presented and evaluated to learn the effectiveness of this educational session. Results showed that these objectives were met and students were provided with valuable information regarding mental health in order to strengthen personal well-being throughout the undergraduate years.

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