The Dangers of Alcohol and Tobacco Use While Pregnant

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Ashlyn Kuhar Jessica Oddo Ashlynn Burns Richard Prior


By Ashlyn Kuhar, Nursing; Jessica Oddo, Nursing; Ashlynn Burns, Nursing

Advisor: Richard Prior

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Abstract: According to the CDC, 1 in 14 women smoke and 1 and 10 women drink alcohol while pregnant in the United States. Smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy has been linked with significant negative psychological and physiological infant outcomes. The purpose of our capstone project is to educate pregnant women and women of childbearing age on the dangers of smoking and drinking while pregnant, as well as methods to help them abstain from use throughout their pregnancy. In addition to education, we provided them with an informational brochure and guidelines to follow in an effort to promote a healthy pregnancy. Client participation and verbal feedback included questions asked requesting more information about healthy pregnancy promotion and alcohol and smoking cessation. The audience gained significantly more knowledge on the topic and results collected from surveys will be presented.

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