Human Rights in the EU

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Myriam Wane Michele Vialey


By Myriam Wane, English

Advisor: Michele Vialey

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Abstract: Myriam Wane. "A Home for All" Human Rights are universal principles to which every living and breathing human being has a right. As world tensions continue to rise, political and moral authorities must also keep up with their responsibilities to the people. Since 2015, asylum seekers entering Europe have increased the political and social pressure for the European Union to act and put migration policies at the top of its policy agenda. Europe has taken steps towards advancing universal human rights, specifically in response to the increasing refugee crisis. My research focus is to take stock of its actions and examine the responses of one of the EU Founding Member States, France. How is France integrating and including those who are part of oppressed minority groups (seeking refuge) into modern legislation? How have its policies and practices translated socially? How is France's response perceived across the European Union as a whole? Is France considered successful in its efforts? In conclusion, and given the historical context and background of Europe and France, I examine what has and what has not worked for the European Union and its effort in humanitarian aid.

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