Service Learning Collaboratory: Saturday Hoops

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Dylanie Schultz Seth Epstein Michael Sharp


By Dylanie Schultz, Communication; Seth Epstein, Communication and Psychology

Advisor: Michael Sharp

Presentation ID: PM_A36

Abstract: The Service Learning Collaboratory course was based off of an established partnership between the University of Cincinnati and an organization known as Saturday Hoops. The goal of the course is to help to further break higher education out of its silo. Students presenting on the Service Learning Collaboratory course will share lessons that they have learned, data, and exciting next steps pertaining to an innovative educational model and accompanying course - The Service Learning Collaboratory: Saturday Hoops. The presentation will showcase the impact that the course has had, as well as learning outside of the classroom, specifically focused on the SALD value of community. Included, however, in the poster presentation will be student's efforts toward upholding the other SALD values of diversity, integrity, growth, and leadership. The poster will serve as a visual representation of their journey and impact in the downtown Cincinnati community. The poster will reflect the group's adherence to the Experiential Learning Cycle and will include: (1) Timeline and development of impact piece; (2) Impacted Audience; (3) Identification of SALD value; (4) Result of Impact; (5) Reflection/Learning as a result of project or process; and (5) Future Implications.

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PM Poster Session -- Great Hall -- A: Social Justice & Social Well-Being