Sustainable Food Consumption

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Kelsie Gilkey Amy Townsend-Small


By Kelsie Gilkey, Environmental Studies

Advisor: Amy Townsend-Small

Presentation ID: PM_ATRIUM06

Abstract: I am working with the Green Cincinnati Project to promote sustainable behaviors. I will not only participate in these behaviors, but also recruit twenty other to do so as well. I will recruit people from my personal life. My project centers around sustainable food consumption. This includes eating less meat, using reusable grocery bags, not using produce bags, using food wraps, limiting food waste, and buying local. Each week, I will gather information from these participants to see what changes they are making. From there, I will record progress and construct graphs or tables to display this data. Finally, I will present my findings to show what the work of twenty people making more sustainable food choices for a month makes.

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PM Poster Session -- Atrium -- Sustainability & Biodiversity