Reducing Human Impacts on Climate Change by Altering Eating Habits

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Brittany Shumate Amy Townsend-Small


By Brittany Shumate, Environmental Studies

Advisor: Amy Townsend-Small

Presentation ID: PM_ATRIUM09

Abstract: The Green Cincinnati Plan was adopted in 2018 in an effort to continue reducing carbon emissions and stem the causes of climate change despite the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. As part of the implementation phase of this plan, my study focuses on attempting to change individual behaviors in the category of food consumption. For one month participants will pledge to change a behavior that is linked to carbon emissions and report back what was difficult about the change. The collected data will then be analyzed according to age in order to see if certain generations are more prone to adopting "green behaviors" over others. It's expected that younger generations, specifically college-aged individuals, will be more likely to change their eating habits.

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