Green Cincinnati Plan: Food Waste Challenge

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Stefan Gaspar Amy Townsend-Small


By Stefan Gaspar, Environmental Studies

Advisor: Amy Townsend-Small

Presentation ID: PM_ATRIUM12

Abstract: The Green Cincinnati Plan, adopted in 2018, is Cincinnati's response to the US backing out of the Paris Climate Accord. This project specifically, following the outline of the GCP, targeted the issue of food waste, and how the misconceptions surrounding expiration and sell-by dates contribute to larger amounts of food waste. With the help of 20 participants, I aimed to test the willingness of individuals to help reduce food waste and determine what practices are most feasible. Some of these practices include distributing literature on the truth behind expiration dates, more conservative consumption, buying fewer perishables at the grocery store, and proper produce storage techniques. Data was collected through volunteer participation, Excel log sheets, and multiple surveys. With this data, I hope to better understand the extent to which individuals are willing to reduce their food waste, and how this willingness can be generalized to a larger population. I also hope to inspire some to rethink their own consumption practices, and perhaps provide those participating in this project with the information and encouragement to make longstanding lifestyle changes.

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