How Limiting Fast Food Consumption Effects Food Waste

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Alexus Wimbish Amy Townsend-Small


By Alexus Wimbish, Environmental Studies

Advisor: Amy Townsend-Small

Presentation ID: PM_ATRIUM13

Abstract: Food packaging proves to be one of the leading wastes found in landfills. The Green Cincinnati Plan of Action has a goal to decrease residential tonnage to landfills by 20%, and an overall goal of producing zero waste by 2035. I plan to investigate the effectiveness of limiting or removing fast and packaged foods from peoples diets in an attempt to reduce waste. I plan to do this by challenging City of Cincinnati employees to spend a month preparing lunch and snacks at home in a sustainable fashion, rather than going to fast food restaurants or the vending machines at work. I hope to find that reducing the use of fast food and snacks proves to be a much healthier and sustainable lifestyle in a very short amount of time.

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