The Use of Medical Grade Honey in Wound Healing

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Ryan Schwiers
Jack Stigler
Adam Clauss
Deborah Schwytzer


By Ryan Schwiers, Nursing; Jack Stigler, Nursing; Adam Clauss, Nursing

Advisor: Deborah Schwytzer

Presentation ID: PM_ATRIUM15

Abstract: In the healthcare system today, wound infection rates are increasing as current practice techniques lack the ability to effectively treat and heal wounds. At many hospitals, wound healing and wound infection control are at a standstill without current practice techniques to heal these untreatable wounds. Recently, the University of Cincinnati Hospital Medical Center has integrated the use of medical grade honey to assist in treating and reversing these wounds. Upon further research, other medical centers have begun using similar honey and sugar products, and the results have been positive, showing a significant increase in complete wound healing. The use of these honey-based products decreases patient hospital stays as a result of decreased infection rates and increased healing time, saving these hospitals money and resources. For the Capstone project, this new practice technique was presented to nursing students at the University of Cincinnati. In this presentation, current practice techniques were compared to the honey-based healing products used at various medical centers. The statistics of the case studies were explored, which showed a significant increase in pain control, decreased overall infection rates, and a better quality of life as a result of the healed wounds. Students were amazed at the results presented to them regarding this new practice technique. Pre- and post- presentation quizzes showed a better understanding of how and why medical honey products are used to treat wounds and improve infection control.

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