The EU Approach to an Aging Population

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Katelyn Armstrong Michele Vialet


By Katelyn Armstrong, Neurobiology

Advisor: Michele Vialet

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Abstract: Demographers are expecting a�sizeable�increase in the percentage of people over the age of 60 years old over the next 20 years. Europe is no exception. Within the European Union, nearly 1/5 of the population is already 65 or older. How will the European Union and specific countries shift the way they cater to their elderly populations and address the challenges that will arise? The three countries that I investigate are France, Poland, and United States. France sits on the higher end of having people over the age of 60 and Poland is at the lower end. Next year, in 2020, 27.3% of France's population will be aged over 60. This number is expected to grow to 33.5% by 2040. In Poland, 20.0% of the population is expected to�reach�60 by 2020. In the United States people over the age of 65 are expected to grow to 25-29% by 2020. In Bordeaux, I hope to find out more about the differences in healthcare, the migration of people between countries, healthcare systems, and the cultural differences that could be influencing similarities and differences in the aging populations.�

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