Skin Breakdown Prevention

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Sophia Lawrence Ana Gonzalez Del Rey Myrna Little


By Sophia Lawrence, Nursing; Ana Gonzalez Del Rey, Nursing

Advisor: Myrna Little

Presentation ID: PM_B05

Abstract: According to the National Pressure Ulcer Prevalence Survey, 21.5% of all ICU patients and 29% of elderly patient experience pressure ulcers. The purpose of this project is to educate future registered nurses on evidence-based strategies to prevent skin breakdown in adults in the home and hospital settings. A PowerPoint education presentation with visual imagery and videos was presented to current junior nursing students. The students were given a pre and post-test that evaluated knowledge. As a result of the project, the student nursing population gained significantly more knowledge about the importance of pressure ulcer preventions and methods of prevention. With this additional knowledge, the new future nurses will be able to make more clinically evidenced-based decision when caring for their patients. Results are pending.

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