Amount of Force Produced During a Jab vs a Hook in Boxing

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Andrew Cradler Mackenzie Piatka Thomas Palmer


By Andrew Cradler, Athletic Training; Mackenzie Piatka, Athletic Training

Advisor: Thomas Palmer

Presentation ID: PM_B27

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to see if an individual will produce more force while throwing a hook in boxing compared to throwing a jab. To test this theory, we used eight (four males, four females college-aged (21-22) participants all varying in degree of experience in boxing. For each participant we obtained their height, weight, and handedness. We then wrap each individual's hands, placing an accelerometer in the wraps to measure the force produced by each punch. We demonstrated to each participant proper stance and how to execute each punch. Each punch was executed three times and an average was taken for each participant. Some limitations to our study were how effectively each participant threw their punches due to their experience and the overall size of each person.

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