Fat Gripz : Do They Work

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Alex Young Khiem Nguyen Austin Coulson Thomas Herrmann


By Alex Young, Pre-Physical Therapy; Khiem Nguyen, Pre-Physical Therapy ; Austin Coulson, Pre-Physical Therapy

Advisor: Thomas Herrmann

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Abstract: The world today, specifically the fitness industry, is centered around maximizing effectiveness while saving time and energy. Individuals who lift weights The creators of Fat Gripz� claim that their product increases muscle activation, strengthens grip, hands, and forearms, and will allow the user to lift more weights immediately by relieving the pressure in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints. Research has demonstrated that strong grip strength is required for successful weightlifting performances. Studies have also shown an increase in overloading acute grip musculature through the use of thick bars. Do these documented claims add up scientifically, or are the makers of Fat Gripz� just another scam in the fitness industry trying to make a profit off the desperate public desire for instant results. The purpose of this study is to determine if a wider grip activates more motor units in the "grip" muscles, by transferring energy required for a bicep curl, from the bicep muscles to the forearm muscles. The University of Cincinnati's College of allied health science students will be the subjects undertaking this study. Muscle activation will be tested in one mode; Isokinetically. To control for Isokinetic movement, the bicep curl will be administered under biodex equipment. Subjects will undergo maximum voluntary contraction analysis for the forearm and bicep muscles.This will be reported by the use of EMG under the isokinetic test without Fat Gripz�. We theorize that a less efficient hand position created by the Fat Gripz�, will require more effort by the forearm

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