Inward knee movement during a functional squat

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Nora Oliver Thomas Palmer


By Nora Oliver, Athletic Training

Advisor: Thomas Palmer

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Abstract: The reason for this study is to determine if knee valgus movement during functional squat increases after a "go till fatigue" core workout. I chose this topic because previous literature suggests that there is a definite positive correlation between valgus movement at the knee during a functional squat and an increased likelihood in ACL tear. The population was based on the statistics of women's soccer being the most common sport for ACL tears. My hypothesis is if the athlete is pushed to fatigue through a 5 minute front plank, or a plank to max and sit ups to complete the 5 minutes, then the athlete will have an increase in valgus movement in the knee during a functional squat. The methodology behind this study is simple. Each athlete will be asked to perform a functional squat. The amount of valgus movement will be measured while they hold position there. Then, they will be asked to perform a front plank for a maximum time of 5 minutes - if they cannot hold a front plank for 5 minutes, they will go until they fatigue, and then do sit ups for the rest of the 5 minutes. They will then be asked to hold a functional squat again, and then a second measurement of the valgus movement of the knee will be taken.

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